Yo! Joni Mitchell! Your song “California”? Peace wasn’t “just a dream ya’ll had,” you were planting seeds that are now bearing fruit.

The world moved from the Hydrocarbon Era to the Solar Hydrocarbon Era on 1/1/22. Now that we have access to infinite energy/electricity, the 60’s vision of “Peace on Earth” is gradually nearing.*

My DC-Superstar, greatest-generation mother explained, “Peace sounds good, but it has to pencil.”

Duh. The MIC (Military Industrial Complex) flourishes because so many people depend on it to make their living.

So, if we want peace, it must become as profitable as war.

The perfect market for Sustainability Products is here.

Unless global warming is halted, two and a half billion people, more or less, must move in the next several decades.

Amongst the soonest is the population of Bangladesh — they must be moved in the next two decades. Where will they go? How will this be done?

We can now create sustainable building systems. California has already mandated solar in all new houses. The energy piece is proven and in place, and we can add other pieces.

Members of the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) are well along in creating automated living environments, but few have integrated solar and low voltage lighting, light hydroponics, and other such sustainable technologies, yet.

If we combat the inequality that burdens the world, we create a new category of nation. The rising generations are prepared to be of one heart. We must help them.

Our new building systems will all have a big fat Internet pipe so that residents have equal access to information.

Call it the Department of Peace & Sustainability, and make Jigar Shah the first Secretary.

  • I have never given up on Gram’s Secretary of Peace. It is my life’s quest, and I invite you to join in!

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Grandpa Whittles aka MisterSustainability

Grandpa Whittles aka MisterSustainability

You are an eternal being engaged in a brief mortal experience--this is not reality, it's practice before the real game! Get it?